Drai’s is a world-class nightclub known for its stellar live performances and focus on hip-hop music. The competition for nightlife goers in Las Vegas is always high and Drai’s works consistently to maintain an edge on other venues.

Our Role

Social Media

Digital Ads

The Task

Drai’s sought help from Snapback Digital to improve its social media content quality and strategy. The primary focus was improving account growth and post engagement. Diversifying content across their social channels was another desire in hopes of providing the audience with more value. 

Social Media
Content Strategy

To help make Drai’s more competitive in the social landscape, we overhauled the content creative in addition to establishing new content topics to post about.

Digital Ad Strategy

We worked closely with the team at Drai’s to bring a targeted and dynamic digital ad strategy that combined evergreen ads and weekly ads for performances to bolster ticket sales and engagement. A key part of the Drai’s strategy was collaborating with performing artists to tap into each artists audience insights in order to optimize ad performance.

The Results

Increased Site Traffic

Social Media Growth

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