Total Transportation Corp. is the largest provider of ADA complaint transportation in the City of New York. They’re also the largest provider of disabled pre-kindergarten, disabled adults, and disabled homeless transportation in the State of New York.

Our Role

Digital Ads

Website Design

The Task

As an MTA subsidiary that provides 24-hour service in New York City, Total Transportation is in constant need of drivers. They came to Snapback Digital looking to bolsters qualified driver applicants with valid CDL license.

Website Design
and Application Forms

Before we started running ads we overhauled the Total Transportation website to optimize its application forms and UX. We rebuilt their website focusing on intuitive information architecture and form submission consolidation.

Ad Management

The challenge with Total Transportation’s ads was segmentation. Since Total Transportation offers a number of different positions throughout the five boroughs and upstate New York, we produced a variety of landing pages so all applications where segmented by area. Additionally, we had precise location targeted applied to all of their ad sets.

The Results

Increase in Applicants

More Qualified Drivers

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