5 Ways To Amp Up Your Instagram Aesthetic

There is no doubt that Instagram is a crucial platform for brand marketers and individuals seeking growth and lead generation. Having a strong Instagram presence that sheds light on your business’ identity and mission has become an expectation for reputable brands. Appearance is key when developing an Instagram profile, so we’ve compiled our top tips to help you take your feed to the next level.

Keep It Consistent

A core component of quality branding is consistency. The same concept holds true when building an Instagram account. Color schemes, subject matter and angles all play a part in determining the mood you are trying to portray. Using a preset or family of presets to edit your photos is a great way to obtain consistency in the color and shadows of your images. There are plenty of free preset downloads online and with just a quick Google search you can be equipped with the tools that will set your brand apart. Consistency in subject matter is also crucial. Strive to share material that represents your brand well and educates potential followers on who you are and what you offer. Choosing to post graphics vs. photos or videos should be carefully calculated. It’s easy for feeds to look cluttered and messy if the medium shared is imbalanced.

Gray Malin Instagram Feed
@graymalin is a great example of feed consistency

Shoot On The Same Device

The device you use to capture your images affects the overall tone of your content, which affects how your brand is perceived. DSLR cameras often portray professionalism, offering crisp, clear shots in high definition that can be edited endlessly. Film cameras present a “grungy” or “grainy” look, an aesthetic that’s recently gained significant traction on Instagram and often preferred by those looking to portray an edgier personality. While shooting on a smartphone is limiting in comparison to dedicated cameras, it’s hard to ignore the convenience your phone offers. Our advice for iPhone or Android photographers would be to take the time to research tips and tricks for achieving the best quality photographs. It’s also important to know the limitations of your device.

Work Your Angles

On average, 95 million posts are shared on Instagram each day, so learning to stand out is critical. It’s important to take the time and energy to be flexible with your creative process. Ask yourself, “how can this photograph be different from the others?” When photographing a still life subject, take a lap around the entire person or object. Look at every possible angle until you land on the most visually striking. When working with models, ask your subject to move around and play with a variety of poses. In a large room, scope out the entire area. Take in the atmosphere until you are able to determine the best positioning for where to take your photograph. Try everything, take risks, and capture as much as you can so that your post is well selected.

Plan It Out

It’s often said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. With Instagram, your individual posts combine to create one cohesive feed that adds a unique quality itself. Planning and using the right tools can help ensure your Instagram feed works as a whole. Some of our favorites are UNUM, Later App and Plann. UNUM allows you to fill a grid that is pre-populated with posts you’ve already shared so you can easily drag and drop your photos into the place that they fit best. Later App, in addition to its aesthetic features, also offers scheduling so don’t forget to get your content posted. Plann is a multi-purpose planning tool that offers analytics and Instagram Story scheduling with their premium plan.

Look For Inspiration

A little inspiration can go a long way. With the resources we all have at our fingertips, there are plenty of sources for inspiration. Pinterest is a great resources for finding presets, color palettes, photography styles and more. Our team spends plenty of time leveraging creative hubs for guidance (see our top sites for design inspiration). Finally, don’t forget to look to the other accounts on Instagram that you think do a great job.